Bright Beginnings Preschool

3525 Senour Road                                             
Indianapolis,  IN  46239

Church Phone:  317-862-3379

Vanessa Krysevig:  Teacher / Director



Our Mission Statement

"Bright Beginnings" is a ministry of the Buck Creek Christian Church.  It was begun with the goal of enhancing the lives of  pre-school age youth and thier familes through prayer, encouragement and introduction to the Buck Creek Christian Church. 

The purpose of Bright Beginnings Preschool Ministry is to help young people to grow in all aspects of their lives.  It will be our goal to work with the children, teaching them values, compassion, respect, and reverence, as well as growing in their understanding of God's creation.


The preschool will accept applications at anytime during the year.  Please note that the preschool runs primarily in concert with the Franklin Township School Corporation’s calendar.

If you choose to withdraw your child from Bright Beginning’s during the school year, your final payment will include a full month’s fee regardless of the number of days your child has attended their last month.

A non-refundable $65.00 registration fee must be paid when enrolling your child in Bright Beginnings pre-school. This secures your child’s place in the program. A $15.00 per student early bird discount is given to those who register early.

Late Fees:

Tuition will be due at the beginning of the year either by being paid in full or you may choose to pay based on nine (9) installments.   The first installment is due the first week of August and the next 8 payments are due at the first of each month every month there after with the last payment installment in April. See Schedule for details.  
A $5.00 late fee will be accessed on the afternoon of the 10th of the month. NSF checks fee is $10.00.



Dress your child weather appropriate.   They will on occasion go outside and will need proper clothing. Closed toed shoes are encouraged.


Illness & Absence:

We at Bright Beginnings accept only healthy children.    We do not want to spread illnesses to the other children.   Symptoms that warrant keeping your child at home include: fever within the last 24 hours, vomiting, sore throat, green nasal discharge, diarrhea, red eyes, skin eruptions, persistent coughing. 


We ask that if your child is going to be absent that you call Bright Beginnings. However, if you decide not to notify us of your child’s absence and it is during a new month which has not been paid for we will assume your child is withdrawing from the program. If you wish to restart the program you must bring your account current. For details on your account please see Miss Vanessa Krysevig our Administrator.



Staff members will administer prescribed medication when sent in the original container and a parent signs a form granting them permission.   However, due to the length of the class time being only 2 ½ hours we ask that if at all possible that you choose to administer medicine either before bringing the child or after class over.


In the case of an emergency the school will contact those listed on your emergency information sheet.    If no one can be reached we may do any or all of the following. 

A)    Call another physician,

B)    Call an ambulance

C)    Have your child taken to the emergency room by a staff member.  

Any expenses incurred due to emergencies will be borne by the child’s family. 

If your child becomes ill while at school you will be notified to come pick them up.   If they develop a fever or other contagious symptom they will be kept separate from the other children until you arrive. 


We encourage the children to take turns bringing snacks. Feel free to send a snack periodically with your child to share with the class. Please note our goal is to serve all snacks free of any peanuts or traces of peanuts. Look on the back of each package for ingredients.



If you wish to send a treat to be shared with the class in connection with your child’s birthday we are more than happy to share in this exciting time in their life. Please make arrangements with your child’s teacher if you wish to do this.


Special Information:

Drop Off

Drive up is offered when you bring your child to school we begin unloading the children between 5-10 minutes prior to their class time. If you arrive later than your child’s session start time, you will need to bring your child into the school.


Pick Up

You will need to come into the school to pick your child up.

No child will be released to a person who has not been authorized to pick up the child.    Parental authority must be given to the classroom teacher or director if some one else is to pick them up. All children are to be picked up on time each day. If circumstance requires you to pick up your child later than 10 minutes we ask that you please call the school. Accordingly, your account will be billed $5.00.  


School Closings:

During inclement weather we will follow the Franklin TWP schedule.    Listen to your TV & Radio for closings. If Franklin Township School Corporation, located in Marion County closes, then so will Bright Beginnings. However, if the broadcast indicates a delay (i.e. a 1 or 2 hour delay this does not affect our classes) If for any other reason our classes are cancelled you will be contacted.


If Franklin Township School Calendar indicates ½ days Bright Beginnings Preschool is not affected we will have school per our calendar on these dates.


Yearly Tuition: August –May

2 days a week classes – (1 session) $        900.00        

3 days a week classes – (1 session) $     1,350.00

4 days a week classes -  (1 session) $     1,800.00


Monthly tuition   based on 9 installments:

(First installment due 1st of August,

then the 15th each month thereafter)

2 days a week (1 session)     $  100.00 (Per Month)

3 days a week (1 session)     $  150.00 (Per Month)

4 days a week (1 session)     $  200.00  (Per Month)

10% discount for second child and P.M. classes


2 days a week (2 sessions AM & PM)    $190.00 (Per Month)

3 days a week (2 sessions AM & PM)    $285.00 (Per Month)

4 days a week (2 sessions AM & PM)    $380.00 (Per Month)


For any tax advice regarding the use of pre-school tuition for a tax deduction please contact your tax preparer/advisor.

Buck Creek Christian Church

Bright Beginnings Preschool

3525 Senour Road

Indianapolis, IN 46239

Federal ID #35-1534718


Make checks payable to Bright Beginnings Preschool.     No refunds are given if the child is absent.   Payments can be sent to Buck Creek Christian Church 3525 Senour Road, Indianapolis, IN 46239.   Attention pre-school director.


Things to bring and leave at the school:

Each preschool student enrolled at Bright Beginnings will need to bring and leave at school the following items:


1)     Extra diapers / or change of underwear

2)     Complete set of extra clothes in case the ones they wear become soiled, including socks.

3)     Fiskers Safety Scissors / blunt tip

4)     Full Size Back Pack

5)     Glue Stick 3 pack

6)     Crayons / chubby (Primary colors)

7)     Washable markers / (Primary colors)


You Pick Three

Clorox Wipes, Baby wipes, Napkins, Paper towels

or Zip-lock – any size