Prayer List : Family of Chad Rotramel (friends of Carson) 

                       Family of Norbal Johannessohn 

                       Family of David Albee (Pat Hoffman's brother-in-law)

                       Rosie Ridenour -- knee

                       Mark Watkins - Leukemia - treatments (Ralph & Edna's son)

                       Linda Dearth - Shoulder surgery (friend of Janie & Phil Grady)

                       Ron Bailey - infection from pacemaker (Davenport's friend)

                       David Whisler - neck surgery 4/24 (Nancy's son)

                       Kathy Thomas - severe flu (Hinkle's daughter)

                       Laddie Jerrells - cancer (Jeannie Earhart's son)

                       Bruce Tapp -- heart cath. (Virginia Rosemeyer's brother-in-law)

                       Emerson Burns -- fluid on brain (Sheila Colburn's uncle)

                       Shirley Hamilton -- leg (Sheila Colburn's aunt)

                       Jeff Ward -- varices (swollen veins) Jeannie Earhart's grandson

                       Nate Schnautz -- terminal cancer (preacher friend of Carsons)

                       Tim Stout

                       Becky Peoples-bone cancer/tumor on liver(Jackie Barker's daughter-in-law)

                       Rick Pohlman -- cancer (Lois Hinkle's son-in-law)

                       Jethro & Lois Hinkle 



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